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Crisis Communications Insurance Built for You, The Responsible Travel Owner


How much does it cost?

CrisisTether is a subscription service, and it is all inclusive.  

What does ‘all-inclusive’ mean?  It means there are no surcharges, no hidden fees, no surprises.  You deserve real budget certainty.

How much value do you get out of your CrisisTether membership?  Let’s look at a hypothetical tourism business facing a crisis.  This sample business suffered a fatal accident, and needed to convince suppliers it was a safe operation.

Feature With CrisisTether Without CrisisTether
Lost revenue during the crisis included $50,000
Immediate advice from a communicator who understands your business needs included not available
Ten days of emergency on-site assistance included $35,000
Biweekly follow up calls for 3 months included $15,000
Subtotal $649 / month

(pricing varies)


That’s a savings of tens of thousands of dollars, during an extremely difficult time.

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