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Crisis Communications Insurance Built for You, The Responsible Travel Owner

How it works

The Disaster We Don’t Want to Consider

graspingAs travel & tourism companies, we pray that disaster never strikes.

Disaster could be disguised as something tiny at first – a customer falling out of a raft, toppling off a bike or an employee lighting a match – but quickly escalates. What started as an innocent-looking tumble turns into a broken hip, a drowning, or live television news.

Questions start coming in fast. That single mishap not only hits us emotionally, it could sink our entire business.

Until now, the only way to resolve a crisis was with an extremely expensive public relations campaign, where costs exceed tens of thousands.

Stories like these are so overwhelming for small travel & tourism operators, that most just close their eyes and hope bad luck will never visit their companies.

Hope is not a strategy. Or the solution.

The solution is CrisisTether.

CrisisTether offers crisis communications assistance at a flat-rate, affordable monthly price.

While the impact of a disaster is enormous, the risk is low. Not low enough to ignore, but low enough that hundreds of reputable tourism businesses like yours can join as a team to protect each other.

Hundreds of fellow travel owners pay a tiny amount each month. This pooled resource means you can harness the power of a group. We’re able to deliver the PR and communications resources you’ll need if disaster hits, at a fraction of the market price.

CrisisTether helps you tell your story.

When you join, your business gets a feature story on, the Internet’s largest travel & tourism electronic journal. This helps establish your unique story.

Then you receive the help and resources you need to protect that story. It starts with a dedicated hotline, staffed 24/7/365 by a trained crisis communicator. That’s a resource larger companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for. No matter the problem, no matter the issue, help is only one call away.

With one call, someone is available to help walk you through how to communicate in the event of a crisis. In fact, if you need it, we’ll even go to the scene of a crisis, in person.

When news is breaking, communication needs to be fast and frequent. You have access to the entire suite of eTurboNews services – unlimited news releases to trade media, social media updates, email blasts… if it helps communicate your story, we’ll help you do it.

You can rest easy, no matter the situation. We are your partners in protecting you and your reputation.

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