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What’s the Fine Print?

It’s simple – we are partners, invested in your success. As partners, we have accountabilities and so do you.

  1. We’re happy to help you anytime, anyplace, anywhere on anything.  However, to protect all the members of CrisisTether from a bad apple that tries to take advantage of the system, there is a ‘soft cap’ on the telephone support of two hours a month. We won’t watch the clock, but if one member calls us every other week for a crisis, we may suggest they need more assistance than what we can provide.  
    (What if you occasionally need more than two hours?  Absolutely! No problem – we’ll figure something out.  We do everything we can to guarantee costs.  No surprises.)
  2. On-site assistance is limited to one incident every two years. A member who needs on-site assistance before they’ve been in CrisisTether for two years will be asked to commit to continued membership until they reach the two year mark.
  3. A member that requests on-site assistance is responsible for reimbursing our travel and accommodation expenses, along with a per-diem of $100/day to cover incidentals.  
  4. Aside from travel (see above) there are no extra costs for live, in-person assistance.   We want to get you back on your feet as soon as possible, and most crisis responses can be handled within a week. However, in the unusual event that a member needs more than ten days of help responding to an incident, we will ask them to retain us for a longer term package outside the scope of the CrisisTether offering.
  5. If an incident affects multiple members in a region, we work together with the affected CrisisTether members.   After all, many members working together are far more effective at overcoming adversity than one member working solo.
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