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Crisis Communications Insurance Built for You, The Responsible Travel Owner

About Us

Why was CrisisTether Created?

CrisisTether was started because we grew tired of seeing small tourism operators hurt by negative headlines, rumours, upset staff and angry stakeholders.  As experienced crisis communicators, we’re putting a stop to that.

You need help from communicators who know the industry.  We ‘get’ tourism.  We know the difference between a DMC, a ground handler and a local guide.  

You can bank on budget certainty.  On the worst day of your life, the last thing you want to think about is how you’re going to pay for the mess.

And we made world-class crisis assistance affordable for even a small business.

CrisisTether is a brand new concept in the travel and tourism industry and we’re excited to offer it.  We are truly partners, here to protect you and watch your back.


About Us

CrisisTether is a division of Checkmate Public Affairs, Inc.  Checkmate is a public relations firm dedicated to high-risk and crisis communications for the travel & tourism industry.

More information about Checkmate here.

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