CrisisTether protects your most valuable asset - your reputation. Are you covered?

Speed Kills Reputations

It can take years to build a reputation and just hours to destroy it. In a fast-moving 24-hour news cycle, everyone swarms when a company stumbles. Maybe it’s an executive accused of something on social media and now journalists are calling for an interview. Perhaps a company product has failed or faltered and customers are protesting. Stock prices are plummeting. Or, in the worst-case scenario, there’s been a serious accident or death involving your company.

What would you do if a crisis happened to you right now and you had one hour to respond publicly? Who would you call who has daily experience managing issues like this and protecting reputations? You don’t have time to research firms, negotiate a price and get them up to speed. You need help right now as the pressure mounts, the Board wants answers and it was YOUR job to be prepared.

CrisisTether Is Your Solution.

How CrisisTether Works:

We are like insurance for your reputation and we are ready when crisis happens.

An experienced crisis communicator springs into action, working with you one-on-one, keeping the wolves at bay — while a senior crisis communicator is dispatched immediately and on your doorstep as quickly as possible. We work directly with you to manage this crisis immediately before too much damage is done. We already know you, your company and your industry so no time is wasted getting up to speed.

And it’s all paid for. No surprises. No being held hostage over rates. It’s all covered for less than you likely spend on office supplies in a year.


Who is this for?

CrisisTether clients are serious about protecting their reputations and intelligent enough to know that being unprepared can be a corporate and career death shot. We work with industries like tech, mining, engineering, aviation, construction, tourism and hospitality.

CrisisTether membership is reserved for companies that meet our exacting standards. We work ‘with’ our clients, not ‘for’ them.

If you’d like to have a conversation about what those standards are, and see whether you’re eligible, book a call today.

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